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Reading Library Material on Your Desktop: Electronic Books

This guide will show you, step-by-step, how to find electronic books, technical reports and articles from your library

Locating Books and eBooks

If you are looking for a specific journal article or conference proceeding, you may want to use our eJournals/eBook Search. You can find out more about it on the Finding a Specific Electronic Journal or Electronic Book page of this guide.

If, instead, you are interested in seeing what books or eBooks we may have on a topic, searching our Online Catalog is an excellent way to find them. All of our circulating books are on our third floor. Our eBooks are also in our Library Catalog, and with the URL of the book in the record, and a note of "AFRL Only".

Online Catalog

Click on each tab, Above, to see how to search the online catalog. 

Simple Search is useful when you want to find all the books we might have on a broad topic.


Browse search can be valuable when you know the beginning of a title.


Advanced Search is useful when you know several bits of information about a book.


Finding an eBook in the Library Catalog

Type the Title in the Search box  OR

Type in Keywords in the Search Boxes AND 

Set the Location to "eBooks"


                                          Simple Search                                                                                      Advanced Search

Click on the URL in the Results list.



Both searches will take you to the same place.



Online Catalog and eBooks

AFRL D'Azzo Research Library: Electronic Book Collection

Searching for eBooks in our online catalog is particularly simple if you choose Advanced Searching. In Advanced Searching, the Location of the books can be set to "eBooks", eliminating all physical-only books from your results set.

Once you locate an eBook you want to read, you will be taken to the EZ Proxy log-in page, if you are not already logged into our proxy service.

If you want to learn more about our online catalog, please read our library guide on Using the Catalog.

Book Purchase Requests

Book Purchase Requests

If you come across a book you feel should be a part of our collection, PLEASE send information about the book to our   BOOK PURCHASE REQUEST  email address.

Your request will be acknowledged, and you will be notified when it is available to be read.

EZ Proxy

***Only Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL at Wright-Patterson AFB) employees and contractors are eligible for EZ Proxy access***

EZ Proxy Log-In pageIn order to access our electronic resources, you will need to log into your library EZ Proxy account with the Username and Password you received via email from the Library Staff.



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