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RQ: Aerospace Systems Directorate - Library Resources: Literature Searches

Aerospace Resources

RQ Literature Search Procedures


AFRL Literature Search Worksheet

RQ Literature Searches

Please submit all required literature search requests to the following new work unit management application link at:

  1. Select + Create Work Unit on the top left of the screen.
  2. Complete all required fields and submit.

Horizon Scan Literature Report

Horizon Scan Literature Report

A horizon scan literature report is a detailed report on the “state of play” and overview of emerging technologies and research, while assessing the importance of the field and documenting previous research of note. In a horizon scan literature report, quantitative, exploratory and -spotting the unexpected- methods are used in this deep dive into the literature. If this is the type of search you would like, please complete the Horizon Scan Worksheet and email to schedule an appointment.

Download Horizon Scan Request Form

Download Horizon Scan Process Map

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